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☑ Specify spending controls on the family card
Prósperos App


For Employers, productivity and security by eliminating paper checks with DIRECT DEPOSIT for your employees

For Employees, secure and instant money access in Mexico with no foreign exchange fees with the Prósperos mobile app and Prósperos card

Prósperos App
☑ Use the card for daily transactions
☑ Deposit paychecks
☑ View transactions and balances
☑ Withdraw cash at the ATM
☑ Notifications sent via WhatsApp    

☑ More Safety - avoid having to carry a lot of cash. 

☑ More Time - avoid having to travel and wait in long lines. 

☑ More Savings - avoid costly money transfer fees.

Instant Money Access

Send money instantly from your mobile phone in the United States to your family in Mexico.

2 Bank Cards, 2 Bank Accounts

Use the bank cards in US and Mexico to spend money and to withdraw cash.


Approved accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through Regent
Bank, member FDIC.

Lead your workforce into the future

*Assuming 100 employees paid every 2 weeks by paper checks
**Assuming monthly financial fees for check-cashing and international remittances


Save up to $1000+ per year sending money to Mexico with Prósperos**

Prósperos Card


Save money by moving your employees from paper checks to direct deposit

Save Time & Money

The time and money spent on printing, mailing, reconciling and reissuing paper paychecks can add up. Going paperless eliminates the need to hand out paper checks or wait for payroll delivery

Get more predictability.

With direct deposit, employers know exactly when the funds will be withdrawn from their account, which offers more predictability for ensuring that enough funds are available for payroll, and to pay other expenses, such as rent or utilities.

Improve Productivity.

If employees are using their lunch or rest breaks to cash or physically deposit their paycheck, they may be late returning to work and/or may not be getting the full benefit of their meal or rest period.

Improve Employee Security

Employees that do not have access to financial services tend to store their money in unsafe locations. Direct deposit to an FDIC insured account improves the security of their hard earned money.

Lead your workforce into financial wellness and save

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3D emphasis on Prósperos Card

Coming soon!

Employers can save up to $4000+ annually on payroll expenses*
Employees can save up to $1000+ annually on payroll expenses**

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